Question 1

1. What is tax levied?


It is a tax levied on rated holdings like:

  • Residential Building
  • Business Building (Shop, Business Complex, Office, Hotel, Workshop, Petrol Station and Cinema)
  • Industrial Building (Factory, Warehouse, Plant, Depot or Station)
  • Empty lot (Building, Agriculture, Industrial and Business lots locatedin the Pasir Puteh District Council).

Question 2

When must it be paid?


Twice annually :-

  •  First half – January 1st till February 28th each year
  •  Second half - July 1st till August 31st each year

Question 3

When is the Assessment Tax Bill/Notice issued?


IIt will be delivered or posted to you in:-

  • January - First half
  • July - Second half

E Form notice will be delivered or posted to you in:-

  •  March - First half
  • September - Second half

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